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“SigmaVOIP has always been there to assist us with our 3CX phone system.  They have been both responsive and knowledgeable in troubleshooting our issues and answering our questions.  We recently transitioned over to a new PRI circuit and SigmaVoIP was invaluable in helping us with the transition, from working with our phone provider to helping us purchase and provision the necessary hardware."
Michael Larrabee - Director of DevOps, SilverTech, Inc.


“We are very satisfied with the 3CX solution. We moved our Corporate office and wanted to leverage SIP trunks instead of a PRI, as well as get into newer telephone technology. I had a inquired with a number of vendors that carried products such as Qwest, Shoretel, Allworx and more. They can’t compare to 3CX.We saved a substantial amount with 3CX, received invaluable expertise on installation tips and setup. We haven’t had any abnormalities or down time with our system. Traditional phone systems do not stand a chance against 3CX.”
Mike Armstrong, Casey Industrial, Inc.


"We had reviewed competitor's to 3CX when wishing to move to VOIP.  We were directed to SigmaVOIP for the consultation - what we ended up with was a for more than VOIP.  For one of the few times, we worked with someone that had our operation and company as the priority as opposed their profit gains.  3CX is a piece of software (a great one mind you) but the difference lies in how it is configured and the understanding of the technology - SigmaVOIP has the know-how and experience.  We rely heavily on SigmaVOIP for far more than 3CX - networking design, high availability, and SIP trunks.  Everything we have consulted with SigmaVOIP on has exceeded our expectations.  Stop reading and give them a call...Cliché perhaps, but don't trust your VOIP system to a telephony engineer who it trying to wrap their heads around what a packet is - go with SigmaVOIP"
Rob Dalton, Director of IT, The Trans Group


"SigmaVoIP has been an excellent partner in our transition from a traditional phone system to 3CX. Their wide range of technical knowledge, insight, and invaluable experience has allowed us a customized PBX solution that fits our exact specifications and needs. SigmaVoIP is very diligent in covering all their bases, making sure nothing slips through the cracks during a stressful transition. I would highly recommend SigmaVoIP!"
Raja Kapur, CIO Twisted Throttle


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