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Onsite Solutions

Full featured and independent

Onsite deployments also known as on premises, are far superior to any hosted solution because you have exclusive use of your resources and complete control of your providers. Traditionally, having an onsite platform meant added energy costs, costly maintenance and dependence on the local phone company. Not so with a SigmaVoIP Solution.

All of our onsite Solutions are powered by 3CX, the industry's most full featured and easy to use software. Gone are the days when only one brand of phones would work with your system, our system allows you to use any brand and model of VoIP (SIP) capable phone, from wireless to wired to conference phones. Your desk-phone choices are unlimited and so is the feature-set.

Our Server-appliance hardware is extremely energy efficient and consumes less than $4.00 per month of electricity, it has no moving parts allowing for virtually no maintenance and a long lifecycle.

Our Network Operations Center monitors every deployment around the clock and proactively updates and performs Cloud backups daily.



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